Depression In Elderly People


Many people we already know either suffer from depression throughout their whole life or they have a time in their life will they will suffer from a time of depression. We can all say that at least at one point in everyone’s life they will suffer from a point of sadness and depression. While have depression and being depressed are two different things it is still fair to say that everyone has at least felt depressed before. And this is most true when you start to get to older, it may start to turn into actual depression.

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Things that can cause someone who is a old person to be depressed or to feel depressed is that they start to realize that they aren’t young anymore and that time is going by faster than they ever thought it would go by. The fact that we all will end up dying is something that can be very hard to understand and something very hard to accept. This can make anyone feel depressed and sad and probably scared.

Another thing that can make someone who is old sad is the fact that the people that are they age and their friends and their spouse if they had one are passing away. Again death is something very hard to deal with especially when it is someone that you love. This can make anyone feel especially depressed and can cause the depression to last a long time and maybe even the rest of their life. If you know someone who is old and is suffering from a lot of loss in their life make sure to talk to them and make sure that they are okay and if needed guide them to talking to a therapist to try to get help to deal with the loss.

Even if someone who is old that you know is acting like they are okay and that they aren’t depressed, look out for the other signs that this person is suffering from depression and if you notice any other symptoms make sure to try to talk to them about it or at least tell them to seek some actual help for their depression.